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 The story behind Blueberry and her Founder Edna Andrade.

Fashion was always in the heart of our founder. Edna is from Brazil and since she was a child she used to learn with her Mom how to sew and make clothes. With her young age, she opened a small studio on the back of her house and started making her own clothes and those of friends and neighbors.

At the age of 24, one of her friends invited her to live in Italy, where she started her real passion for fashion. Coming to the United States, she opened “Blueberry Boutique” 15 years ago. Edna’s business grew up and she discovered her ability to help her clients find the best outfits that would make them happy and beautiful.
Blueberry Boutique has been in business for over 15 years, and is located at Deerfield Beach.
We offer a more personalized design and shopping experience to our customers who have been trusting us with their style for years. Our customers keep coming back, over and over to see what’s new at Blueberry Boutique.

We select designer clothing from around the world for all women who want a little more luxe out of life and who find the time for self-careeven in the middle of their hectic lives. We are where classy meets sexy, where chic meets sporty, and where high performance meets high-fashion. 
You will find online or in our store beautiful, high-quality dresses, swimwear, loungewear that is perfect for every woman who wants to look and feel her best.
Blueberry Boutique by Edna A.